Iain Stanfield


+44 (0)7833 206473

What do I add

A commercial approach and a knowledge that research is being done for a business reason. The ‘so what?’ and ‘now what?’ parts are as important as the ‘what?’ from any research!

What I love

Sports are a passion – mainly watching, but I do still manage to do long walks, cycling and swimming. I’m an avid cricket fan and spectator and long suffering Nottingham Forest supporter, I love cooking, but enjoy eating even more and red wine even more than that.


A broad range of research experience covering qual and quant developed from research agency, ad agency and client-side roles to bring an appreciation of the value of research from different perspectives. Experience in a variety of sectors from building materials and public transport, through to cars and mobile phones to cosmetics and cat food!

Lots of time spent understanding brand, comms and customer experience evaluation, but also experience in undertaking NPD, U&A and segmentation studies

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