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We Collaborate

We encourage as much opportunity as possible to work together. Greater client involvement brings smarter insights.

We Challenge

We are a senior-led team. We love problems, we ask tricky questions and we don’t rest until we find the right solution.

We Cut To The Chase

Whether it’s qual, quant or analytics we focus on the story, delivering a concise, commercial message.

We Inspire

Impact is everything! We work with you to find creative and commercial ways to embed your insight and drive action in the business.

Selected Clients

Selected Clients


Customer Experience

Delivering customer experience excellence is not simply a question of robust measurement. It also relies heavily on an ability to blend multiple data resources to deliver an holistic view of what is happening at an operational level within an organisation, relating this to strategic performance.

We invest the time and effort to keep the numbers rooted firmly in the reality of our clients business and use a range of analytical approaches to pin point key areas in need of attention.

Above everything we ensure that stakeholders are actively engaged so that our customer experience programmes are at the heart of driving improved business performance.

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“The store drivers research is one of a critical handful of insight resources at boots – a great example of how research and analytics can deliver real impact”.

Proposition Development & Pricing

In virtually all industries innovation and proposition development represent a key vehicle for sustainable and profitable business growth.

We work with our clients across the entire proposition development pipeline from inception through to final business case and launch.

We involve both stakeholders and consumers in the development process with a range of creative and collaborative qualitative approaches. Choice modelling, pricing analytics and full market simulation paves the way for full business case development and product launch.

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“Boxclever’s ability to blend a range of research and commercial data sources using analytics was critical to our NPD sell-in process”.


A well constructed and executed segmentation is the cornerstone for any successful marketing strategy and yet millions of £ are wasted every year on ineffective segmentation.

We fully appreciate what the winning ingredients are and that ending up with a world class segmentation is as much about what happens at the start and end as it is about the segmentation itself.

Our energised approach helps you to challenge your preconceptions and fundamental motivations for undertaking a segmentation and uses a range of stakeholder engagement and embedding techniques to deliver a result that will drive your organisation forward.

We’d love to share examples of how our approaches have promoted more customer centric thinking.

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“Boxclever’s smart, robust analysis and flexible, commercial approach made this one of the most successful projects we have delivered to the exec”.

Brand Strategy

Never has the sentiment ‘same old research, same old story’ been more true than in brand research. With a rapidly changing consumer, fresh thinking is essential to unlocking brand potential.

We work across the entire brand planning journey, from brand architecture and positioning to comms development and brand health tracking.
By taking a 360 degree view of your audience, the landscape and the brand opportunity, we fuse technology and traditional techniques to generate meaningful insight.

We don’t stop there, our interactive approach to insight delivery ensures that your decision makers have the inspiration and evidence to truly act on results.

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“What Boxclever delivered was nothing short of excellent. The amount of intelligent analysis time that had been taken was clearly evident in the debrief”.


The marketing landscape continues to evolve rapidly, driven by digital. In response, evaluating marketing effectiveness needs to be much more agile and adaptive to successfully deliver increased marketing ROI.

Our expertise includes econometrics-based marketing mix modelling, digital conversion modelling, new media testing and an integrated approach to long-term brand equity modelling (combining brand tracking with marketing mix models). We deliver marketing and media budget optimisation, demand planning and forecasting, promotional and pricing strategies…to maximise marketing effectiveness & ROI.

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“Boxclever are a hugely passionate agency with a lot of capability. Their ability to blend qualitative, quantitative and analytical techniques really brings a fresh dimension to their work and to do this at pace makes them all the more impressive. Above everything, I can really trust their senior team to deliver time and time again which is reflected in how quickly they have become embedded as an agency partner throughout the Insight Team.”