Minimising the impact of COVID-19

Given recent updates on COVID-19, we want to reassure clients we have plans in place to deliver projects and to flex our approaches to deal with the challenges in conducting face to face meetings/research at the present time.

  • Boxclever have always offered flexible home working to support our staff to have a better work life balance, so have been encouraging our teams to work from home
  • Whether working from the office or working from home, we maintain security and protect data in line with our ISO 27001 accreditation, fully encrypting all data at rest and in transit, and accessing our network via dual factor authenticated remote working.
  • All client meetings, debriefs and catch-ups are now being scheduled as video meetings – using either Teams or Zoom video conferencing (which we have been using routinely prior to the virus outbreak). Both are easy to use (we can offer help with this if needed) and Zoom can be used by anyone, with any IT setup/software.
  • Whatever happens in the coming months we’ll essentially operate as exactly as we currently do with no disruption to your services.

We know that some people are concerned about upcoming projects and feasibility of conducting face to face research.

We’ve been working hard to plan for all scenarios and are able to offer a range of online qualitative services which will enable us to switch many projects to online methods.

We feel we can overcome the hurdles being posed by adapting methodologies to help our clients to move forward with meeting their business objectives. Plus of course it is very unclear just how long this virus situation will last, so we need to find good ways of continuing to find great insight to support our client’s businesses.

Just so you’re aware, Corona-virus restrictions are shaping the approaches we suggest. We have carefully planned for all scenarios to allow us to meet client needs & objectives – often this means using a blend of methodologies to counter the restrictions on face to face interaction. We offer;

Online communities & ethnography

– use to explore needs, respond to stimulus & co-create new pack, proposition or communications, working with platforms like Incling, Indeemo and Recollective

Video/webcam groups

– offer the ability to show stimulus & video and whiteboarding functions

Online video depths using Zoom

and telephone depths to access individual insights

Online quantitative surveys & analytics

– we anticipate a good response rate given social distancing & home working

It’s important that we think smartly

about how we operate during these changing times. We believe that a mix of digital approaches and video / telephone research can help us to meet your objectives & continue with projects as usual. Naturally, we are also looking after the wellbeing of our teams, interviewers & respondents at all times.

If we feel your research will be compromised by conducting it in these unusual times, we will, of course, discuss an alternative plan.

Despite much uncertainty right now, we will continue to deliver work on time and to our usual high standard. We hope you, your colleagues, families and communities stay safe, and look after each other.

If you have any concerns or wish to discuss this further please feel free to call or email me.