A Recipe for Success

Any of you that know me know that I love food…. Be that eating it, cooking it, researching it, buying it, talking about it, growing it etc. I truly think I am at my happiest when sitting around a table with my friends and family sharing a meal, sharing stories and sharing laughter (or tears!). I want to share with you a very special recipe – the Boxclever Family recipe. This is a mixture of different folk that all bring a unique ingredient that is vital to create the perfect blend of expertise in the ‘Market Research Cookbook’.

You will need equal measures of the following:

Sam – Spinach. Our very own Statistical Popeye! Sam brings numbers to life; he can elevate insight to be engaging and commercially actionable.

Claire – Citrus Fruit. Talented, creative and an inspirational researcher – Claire brings colour and zest to all of her projects.

Kathryn – Chili Pepper. She has a fun approach to engage teams and motivate them, passionate and sizzling with actionable insights.

Karen – Beetroot. Karen is our superfood/woman! Also referred to as ‘The HOF’ (Head of Fun). Karen will not rest until she has found the right methodology for your question.

Lucy – Chia Seeds. Sprinkling her magic wherever she goes, exploring human behaviour, creating impactful stories for brands and businesses.

Matt – Popcorn. Matt’s creative flare and expertise in research makes him our favourite storyteller. The Steven King of Boxclever.

Andy – Chamomile. One of the most funny and calming influences there is. An expert in media research, Andy knows his data visualisation and reporting onions.

Rich – Pak Choi. With his enthusiasm to investigate people’s attitudes and behaviours, Rich brings “Choi” to the world of Qualitative Research.

Dean – Pomegranate. Dean has a pragmatic approach and blends his skillset to create analytical solutions that help businesses succeed. Not to be taken for pomegranted!

Dan – Pistachio. In a nutshell, Dan takes the complicated and breaks it down, making it easy to absorb. A passion for unlocking the underlying motivations and drivers of consumer behaviour.

Deb – Edamame. Deb is the official “bean counter”. Boxclever could not operate without her and we would not want to operate without her. The commitment, attention to detail and organisation is unreal.

Maite – Avocado. Dedicated and determined to deliver the best for her clients with an ‘‘avo-can-do’’ attitude. Maite is the perfect accompaniment.

Chrissie – Kiwi. Chrissie is forward-thinking and is able to adapt to different sectors and client’s needs. Engaging, fun and full of bright ideas!

Steven – Blueberry. Steven is a Quantitative expert, specialising in behavioural science/consumer psychology. Helping brands grow and make better decisions, he is berry good indeed!

Laura – Strawberry. Bringing years of experience with a mixed mode of research in government, education, media and charity sectors. Research is her jam!

Charlotte – Honey. With experience across a range of markets (both national and international), Charlotte has worked within the retail, financial, energy and media sectors. With Charlotte around you will always bee happy!

Karla – Quinoa. The trendsetter… Bringing a wealth of experience in qualitative methodologies, ethnographic research and trend forecasting, Karla likes to get to the bottom of how people think and feel.

Tilly – Kombucha. Having worked across the marketing, wholesale, hospitality, fashion and retail sectors, Tilly has a personable touch making her everyone’s cup of tea.

Victoria – Pumpkin. Working both agency and client-side positions. Quantitative and qualitative specialist with a wealth of knowledge in the leisure, technology, media and food sectors and markets. Carving such detail into all her work!

Bethan – Peach. With an in-depth knowledge of data science, analytics and behavioural data, Bethan has written several articles for Impact and Research Live. Bethan is a frequent conference speaker on UK and global stages, always standing by the rule of practice what you peach!

Kate – Focaccia. Strong quantitative background, working in international consumer insight, cultural insight and consumer trends. Kate is an expert in the global FMCG, healthcare, sports, fashion, food and beverage industries. No knead to worry when Kate is on the scene!

Scott – Asparagus. Scott has a no-nonsense approach to provide answers to difficult business questions across multitude of sectors. A drive to keep learning and giving us all great “tips” on any new analytical techniques.

This is a family recipe we have perfecting for 11 years now, we will continue to welcome new ingredients and try different combinations. Bon Appetite!