Are you a Hibernating Hedgehog?

An old colleague of mine shared an article the other day from the New Statesmen. It talked about the fact that the pandemic has changed our brain psychology. Apparently, our need to make up for the months and months of being stuck at home and start living again is now turning into exhaustion. Our brains are no longer used to the socialising we were used to pre-covid. Scientists call it ‘psychological hibernation’ – a state of mind that helps us cope with isolation and confinement.
I started a new role at Boxclever just over a month ago and I’m lucky to have the flexibility to either go into the office or work from home.

Getting on the train, escaping to the bright lights of Leeds city centre for the day and feeling the office buzz definitely brightens the week.

However, I could relate to the piece written in the article as I’m conscious that half of my brain says otherwise. I love people, enjoy being amongst people however it’s much easier both physically and emotionally to stay in the comfort of my own home. A friend and I were chatting about it the other day and she mentioned that she’s having to consciously space out social occasions, so it doesn’t feel too much.
Yet, I’m not sure if everyone is feeling the impact of psychological hibernation. In qualitative research over the last few weeks, we are seeing people thoroughly embrace the ability to socialise, sometimes even more than they did before the pandemic and for now, it does appear that their brains are able to cope.

I’m definitely one of the dozier hedgehogs waking up from hibernation.

Whilst for others, they’ve woken up feeling refreshed and ready to go. How do you feel?
If the scientists are right we may have an extremely quiet January waiting for us as we all recover from a particularly exhausting Christmas period. However, there will be those who manage to power through, everyone is different and I’m sure I’ve always seen a few hedgehogs out and about when they should be sleeping!

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