Enforcing Wellbeing!

I love Boxclever! I love our clients, the work we do, the high standards we set ourselves, but most of all I love the people who work here. I consider myself a people person (most days) and I constantly worry that people here are happy, that we are doing all the right things for them, that they are challenged, but not constantly over-worked etc etc. I am also a worrier!
The problem is that we are an agency full of senior people. These are people who are brilliant at their jobs, rose to senior positions but didn’t want to be rolled into meetings occasionally as the senior face of an account or manage a huge team / department / business, they wanted to be close to their clients, puzzle over business issues with like-minded individuals, build strong relationships and be challenged.
These are the most committed people I have ever worked with. Committed to their colleagues and their clients and driven by doing a brilliant job that everyone is proud of. ‘Happy days’ you might think and I am grateful that we all think this way because it’s driven our business over the last 11 years…BUT…and there is a but, it can sometimes be hard to step away, to know when things are good enough, when you need a break before things become too much.

So we are trying to enforce wellbeing! Feels like an oxymoron but if it works then I don’t care.

Like any good consultancy we are taking a dose of our own medicine, practising, what we preach and popping some behavioural models into the mix for good measure. Some gentle nudges using the EAST framework is a good starting point:

Easy – encouraging people to fit little things into their day. Block out an hour for lunch every day, take part in our private virtual yoga class every week (cameras on or off, your choice)! Say no – do you HAVE to be at a specific meeting? Feel free to turn it down. Thursday coffee breaks to just chat to our colleagues

Attractive – Every new joiner will hear and see the Wellbeing pledge / Boxclever Promise. We explain why looking after yourself is important and that it’s expected we all look after ourselves and others. No judging. We want to continue to emphasise this so that you can take half a day off every few weeks, have a reset on us and come back beaming!

Social – This is a biggie. We need to normalise it. We want to see people adding time out space to their diaries. Do that exercise class at 11.00 if it works for you, walk the dog in the middle of the day, pick up the kids, make that meeting a walking one. Everyone manages their own time in a way that works for them and no one should judge that!

Timely – constantly talk about it! Show off that you spent Friday afternoon on your bike because you’d had a long week and you deserved it. We welcome that.

So as you can see, we are trying. This gang are a hardworking bunch who I am not sure know how to say no, but we want to shift things so far from the days of playing ‘who sits at their desk the longest’ to ‘who can balance their work / life’ the best. We will keep banging the drum and I think they will listen and then I will find something else to worry about!