Most Flexible Place to Work - As Rated by Flexa

We’re excited to share that Boxclever are part of the #Flexa100 – meaning we have been recognised as one of the 100 most flexible companies to work for, by Flexa Careers. They find verified, flexible companies globally. Bridging the gap between top talent and flexible working environments.

So, I thought why not chat to some of our team to glean some insight into what flexibility means to them and how they believe Boxclever are actively shaping the future of work.

First up, how would you summarise your working environment at Boxclever?

Deb: My working environment suits me perfectly.  I enjoy working from home and this works as I have a dog and I can be flexible in my working day to make sure he gets walked regularly.  As I am the Finance Manager, any queries relating to my role are easily solved via email and rarely needs face to face contact. However, if I do, this can be achieved via a Teams call.

Sara: I think the working environment is very open and supportive – I can work from home, walk my dog (Gus) but also have the option of heading into the office when I want that sociable environment. At boxclever, people really do look out for each other and flex to help others around them as much as possible. There’s genuine teamwork and trying to make everyone’s working lives and home lives that little bit easier and better for them, so if I need to pick the kids up from school I can mark that in my diary without worrying about the repercussions. I never have that work dread coming back to work each week which shows what a great place it is to work!

Steven: I am very fortunate that I have a few different workspaces, each with a different working environment. I do most work from my home office. It’s a dedicated workspace, tailored to me specifically and cut off from the rest of the house. This space allows me to focus on specific tasks whilst connecting with the wider team and clients remotely. I then choose to spend around 1 day a week in our main Leeds office which is more of a social and collaborative hub. Here I can spend time with the team face-to-face, have more ad-hoc conversations, collaborate, create and learn from the great team we have. As I have a chunky commute into Leeds, I also spend time in co-working spaces in Manchester and Liverpool (and wherever else I need to be).

What is it about flexible working, day-to-day, that matters the most to you?

Deb: I can use the flexibility to work with my personal life i.e., the dog, or appointments.  For example, I am completing these questions at 6.00am (won’t email until at least 7.30am – it is a Monday morning after all) and it is pitch-black outside.  As it gets lighter, around 8.00am, I will then take the dog out.

Sara: Being able to work around family life is very important to me. It works for me to start early and finish at a sensible time for family life where possible and around fieldwork and that works really well for me. I’m ‘present’ when I need to be at the end of a working day and before my son’s bedtime to give him a cuddle, read him some stories and put him to bed. It makes me feel I can give the most to work and still have something left to give the kids after I finish. Also I’ve had to deal with a lot of nursery bugs and illness and knowing I have a really supportive team around me really helps to get through what needs to happen

Steven: Having the freedom (and trust) to be able to make my own decisions on when and where I work is really important. 

It enables me to balance client needs and delivering great work with the demands of having a young family.

What one word would you use to describe Boxclever’s culture?

Deb: Perfect

Sara: Supportive

Steven: Empowering

What’s your favourite benefit at Boxclever?

Deb: Flexibility – although to choose one is very difficult as it’s a combination of benefits that makes boxclever great.

Sara: Tough one – there are so many! Being able to work flexibly at home or in the office with no pressure or set expectation (and the amazing treats when I am in the office!).

Steven: Flexible working

How would you like to be working in 5 years’ time?

Deb: I wouldn’t, I’d like to be retired as I will be bordering on 69!

Sara: I’d like to still feel like I can juggle work and home life effectively (like I am now) without feeling like I’m failing.

Steven: I’m really happy with the working environment and the flexible working culture at boxclever. Technology is making hybrid working much easier, productive and fun but personally I’d like to ensure I continue with the right balance of remote working and face time with the wider team and clients.

You can check out our company page on Flexa and read all about our working practices here.