Emma - Louise McInnes


+44 (0) 7376 004189

What Do I Add?

Curiosity, creativity and unconventional non-linear thinking with swathes of sharp commercial acumen thrown in. A challenger of the status quo and a fearless proponent of change.

What Do I Love?

My husband, my dogs, a book that you can’t put down, warm sand under my toes, swimming in turquoise oceans that look like glass, and the feeling of freedom that comes from escaping on unexpected adventures around the world.


20 years of translating research into meaningful business intelligence for the leaders of some of the world’s biggest brands. Specialised in massively multinational research and delivering a culturally nuanced understanding of both consumer and business trends, rooted in commercial reality. Significant experience in deconstructing and reconstructing how businesses collate and activate data to build meaningful intelligence frameworks linked to real world outcomes.