Boxclever's Upcoming Back to School Classrooms

Join us for our Back to School Virtual Classrooms over September and October. As experienced insight specialists, we want to help you get very best out of your research. So let us take you on a journey, from writing the research brief itself right through to the final delivery (and everything in between). We want to make sure that insight is understood and that we inspire effective use of the findings. There really is something for everyone!

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The art of the Brief

11:00 28/09/2022
Hannah Chevrier and Tom Coombes

The research brief is one of the most important parts of the research process to nail. But what looks on the surface like a fairly simple document can actually be a really difficult thing to get right….there is all manner of pitfalls and trip hazards that can send the best of intentions awry. Hannah and Tom are on hand to chat through their client and agency-side experiences, giving you some top tips along the way to help you write a winning brief every time!


Incorporating Expert Insight.

11:00 05/10/2022
Beth Metcalfe & Panel of Experts

Engaging with Experts in fields such as Semiotics, Social Anthropology and Social Intelligence to support and feed into qualitative and quantitative research projects can add real value to the right research brief. But how do you know if it’s the right brief?
We’ll be hosting a discussion with a specially selected panel to understand the types of research briefs where engaging with Experts will, or won’t, add value, to help you to identify those occasions where Expert insight will enhance the research findings.


Adding Value to your Questionnaire Design

11:00 12/10/2022
Christina Tarbotton and Charlotte Hodgson

The top priority when designing a questionnaire is ensuring all objectives are met, but that doesn’t mean we can’t add further value by exploring features that add a bit of colour and bonus insight to the research! Touching on consumer psychology and behavioural economics, this is a basic introduction to some questionnaire add-ins used to go above and beyond the brief.


Delivering with Impact

11:00 19/10/2022
Kathryn Boxall and Matt Coggan

Our ultimate job is to make sure brilliant insight is understood and clearly communicated and that stakeholders feel motivated to take action on the back of the research. To do this we need to be clear, concise and hopefully engaging and whilst a powerpoint debrief can achieve this, there are other ways. We will share some ideas, hints and tips around alternative approaches to bring insight to life and ensure no one is left confused or bored at the end of the session!