The Best of Box Awards 2022: A team of winners

To round off 2022, we launched our very own Best of the Box Awards to recognise and celebrate all the big, small and extraordinary ways our team have contributed to another amazing and successful year at Boxclever.

Our team voted for who they believed deserved lifelong recognition and bragging rights across our exclusive 15 categories, covering aspects of our proposition to who should be our resident fashionista and who is our walking Wikipedia.

We received over 350 nominations and winners were announced at our strategy day on the 7th December.

The 2022 Winners

It was a tough decision for the directors to select the winners of each category, but the following nominees were selected due to their outstanding contributions to Boxclever.

1) Smartest Thinking Award: John Tearle

For working smarter, not harder. We can always count on JT to create smart solutions. Whether it’s an internal problem or a nitty gritty client problem, he always thinks outside of the box suggesting novel approaches to solve the puzzle.

2) Making the Complex Simple Award: Dan Young

For making complex subjects simple. We can always count on Dan to distil the most complicated things into something powerful and meaningful, but easy to understand.

3) Unleash Potential Award: Andy Haylett

For helping others to reach new heights and be the best they can be.

4) Trusted Advisor Award: Matt Coggan

For always putting peers, individuals and teams at the centre of his efforts, always going above and beyond to foster a positive experience for all involved.

5) Rally & Inspire Award: Bethan Blakeley

For uniting and galvanising teams with a clear and common vision. Bethan is a driving force to inspire change.

6) Support Each Other Award: Karen Bagshaw & Tilly Lewis

For always looking out for others – whether that be colleagues, clients, or suppliers.

7) Enjoy the Journey Award: Karen Bagshaw

We can always count on Karen to add some zest into work life – whether that’s a team social, an energiser in a meeting or celebrating a milestone with a client, she cultivates an environment that embraces fun.

and now for the fun categories

8) Dressed to Kill Award:
Victoria Williams & Charlotte Hodgson

Victoria and Charlotte live to dress up and make an effort whether they’re in the office or working from home, our very own Boxclever fashionista’s.

9) Snack Attacker Award:
Richard Brown

Rich is the definition of snack attacker! Snacking whilst talking. Snacking in meetings. Snacking while walking. Snacking while sitting. Snacking, snacking, snacking all the time.

10) The Best Quote of the Year Award: Andy Haylett

Andy is the person behind the best quote of 2022 – his one liner has brightened up everyone’s day.

11) Duct Tape Award: Andy Haylett

Andy can always be counted on to fix things and make things all right. We know he secretly gets his fix from fixing things!

12) Cool as a Cucumber Award: Steven Marsh

Steven can handle pressure like a boss! Who is unruffled? Who is always calm? Who is the coolest of them all?

13) Wikipedia Award: Karen Bagshaw

Karen always has an answer – where it’s right or wrong!

14) Mute Maestro Award: Lucy Hobbs

Lucy is always guilty for never remembering to turn her microphone on.

15) The Alternate Communicator Award: Christina Tarbotton

Chrissie always has the perfect meme, if or emoji on hand for every situation. How does she do it so quickly? No one knows.

Kudos to our winners and all our nominees 👏