Celebrating 10 Years of Maite

We’re celebrating a remarkable milestone (and a remarkable person) – Maite Barnett’s 10th anniversary at Boxclever! Over the past decade, Maite has brought unwavering dedication, creativity and expertise to our team. Her hard work and commitment have been instrumental in our success and we couldn’t be more grateful to have her as a valued member of the Boxclever team.. We caught up with Maite and asked her 10 fun questions about her time at Boxclever!

1. What is your favourite memory at Boxclever?

There have been so many amazing memories it’s hard to pick just one. Our Treasure Hunt round Leeds (and Sam’s breakdancing) was huge fun, segways through Dalby Forest dressed as Santas (though I’ve only just recovered from the trauma of Go Ape!), decorating Xmas cakes in the back of a stretch limo, our office opening party when we moved to the current Leeds office and so many more fun, mad-cap things we’ve done.

2. How did you get into research?

By accident really. I started off in Marketing and had always found it fascinating seeing the results of consumer insight projects and hearing what customers had to say (I’m just very nosy really!). So when an opportunity came to move into a Research role, I jumped at it and I still find it fascinating hearing what consumers have to say.

3. What’s your secret to staying motivated and engaged in your work for the last decade?

I think I’m naturally a curious and positive person so tend to immerse myself fully into everything I do. I’ve been so lucky to be involved in so many varied projects over the years at Boxclever – everything from finance to beauty – that it’s felt easy to stay motivated or engaged. The 10 years genuinely have flown by. And I think I never stop learning, whether it’s new approaches, new clients, new colleagues to share ideas with and that keep everything feeling fresh and interesting.

4. Can you tell us what you have learnt about yourself since being at Boxclever?

The last few years in particular have been challenging in terms of my personal life due to family illness and juggling caring alongside my work has been tough at times but I’ve learnt that I’m a lot more resilient than I thought I was and also I’ve learnt how to be kinder to myself.

5. Are there any quirky or unique traditions at Boxclever that you love?

Xmas wreath making has become a bit of a tradition with the lovely Pammy and it’s great fun.

To be honest Boxclever just is unique and quirky – it’s our DNA.

If we can find a fun, crazy thing to do, we’ll give it a go (I mentioned a few of the madcap things we’ve done earlier) and I love that about the company’s ethos and my amazing colleagues.

6. Where is your favourite place to go for lunch?

You can’t beat Vietnamese chips from Banh & Mee in Leeds market.

7. What’s your most embarrassing story whilst being at Boxclever?

Being rather tipsy at our opening office party and sitting in the bubble chair with my husband and managing to tip both of us out it while spilling lager all down myself (hopefully no one caught that on video). To be honest I think my husband tries his best on this front at our various office parties 😊

8. How do you think your colleagues would describe you?

I’d hope they would say that I’m caring, makes time/helps anyone, is hardworking, professional, positive, keeps calm in a crisis, and able not to take herself too seriously.

9. If you could give your past self any advice on their first day of work at Boxclever, what would it be?

Why on earth didn’t you join sooner! I’d worked with the original Boxclever team previously so walking into the office on my first day just felt like coming home.

10. Favourite office snack?

There are so many snacks and the problem is I love all of them! – so many different crisps, biscuit bars, chocolates, ice lollies to choose from. We do love our food at Boxclever and I’m definitely doing my bit to keep myself refuelled so definitely need to take up more exercise.