A Cornerstone Insight Programme

We admit it… we can’t resist an invitation to wade through data! So when Boots invited us to interrogate their existing store drivers research and find ways that they could deliver more value, we relished the challenge.

“The store drivers research is one of a critical handful of insight resources that gain business wide traction at Boots – a great example of how research and analytics can deliver real impact”

Boots UK has dozens of categories, many with unique buying behaviours. Research is frequently commissioned to understand deeper purchasing motivations at category or at macro store level but rarely is a single, cross category study able to deliver both the depth and breadth of insight desired by multiple stakeholders.

The study evaluated more than 100 key product lines across 34 distinct categories

Boots and Boxclever transformed standard store drivers research into a cornerstone insight programme. The previous research methodology was evolved to include choice based conjoint and price sensitivity analysis to elicit greater granularity for estate, category, shopping mission and customer level analysis. We were also able to overlay loyalty databases and integrate the study into wider research sources to maximise the value of the study.

The study has the attention of 100’s of stakeholders, ensuring business wide influence on decision making.

Was it worth it

The true measure of success has been the influence on decision making. Business cases so far include reallocation of training budgets, prioritisation of online resources, range optimisation and more effective pricing strategies with reach extending further within the business every week.

This work demonstrates that commercial research design and delivery can leverage resources to create a study cited as an essential planning tool that genuinely saves time and money for the business.

‘The store drivers research is a key building block in the evolution of our customer and category strategy’.


Sometimes too obvious to miss, it’s important not to reinvent the wheel. Evolving the previous programme and filtering out the pieces that didn’t work gave us a strong foundation on a much smarter budget and retained some historical context. Temptation is always to begin fresh but by leaving no stone unturned we also learned a lot about what would and wouldn’t work for this business with the new study, making the dissemination tools as useful as possible.


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