Why character matters

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to visit a new country where you have a friend who lives there, you’ll know that the experience is just so different to being left to your own devices and having to work things out for yourself. Having a local guide who understands the culture and customs means you get an infinitely richer appreciation of what that country is all about.

When things are unfamiliar, we look for a navigator. A friend who can show us round, who can point us in the right direction.

In recent years, we’ve heard a lot about how brands need to change the way they relate to their customers, how they need to move from ‘communicating to’, to ‘conversations with’.

Coronavirus has brought all of this into sharp focus. Who are the brands that we can rely on, that we want by our side as we try to plot a course in this new world?

A recent global survey of more than 35,000 consumers found that the vast majority of us do not think brands need to stop advertising during the virus outbreak, but we do expect companies to think about their tone, their messaging, and communicate around values.

What we’re finding is that the brands who are continuing to be themselves, staying authentic, but finding a way to relate their personality and values to the role they can play for us, are the one’s we’re really noticing.

At Boxclever we’re using archetype theory (a model of personality traits and their links to behaviours) to measure brand character in a consistent and quantifiable way. And like any good navigator, archetypes provide us with a map for ensuring that brand character is consistently communicated across every touchpoint, from brand positioning & comms to customer service & product experience.

Watch out for our webinar coming up in May,

We will be sharing the results from our recent self-funded study into brand archetypes across a range of different industries, and how they can be used for ensuring true brand authenticity & alignment.